What Is The 80/20 Rule?

In every aspect of life, it is always almost impossible to achieve a strict 100% implementation.

Either you are up to achieving something about financial goals or just simply trying to amend your ways of living, there will always be lags or obstacles along the way.

Many friends are asking me how stringent I am when it comes to controlling my diet.

Well, given that I have a strong family history of almost every degenerative disease that you can imagine (heart disease, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, cancer etc.), one might think that I MUST BE 100% strict or all-or-none with my eating and exercise habits.

Admittingly, while attaining close to perfection results are possible, it can be most of the time too stressful.

It really takes a CHAMP to achieve 100/100 and I am not even close...


That is why most of the time, I prefer to stay with the 80/20 rule.

Eighty percent of the time (80%) – I do what I KNOW I HAVE to do to keep me healthy and fit

Twenty percent of the time (20%) – I allot for a little indulgence or reward to myself, just to break the cycle of monotony and frustration (there will be times that we hit plateaus and it can be very annoying).

Besides, my daughter is only 2 years old and I just don’t want to be too strict that no one will enjoy a few pieces of cookies or ice cream even once in a while.

So here are some examples of typical foods comprising my diet’s 80%…

As you can see, most of the time, green leafy and other vegetable types MUST occupy my entire plate bed. Then I reserve the remaining space for moderate amounts of healthy protein and fat.

You might be wondering where is the Carbohydrate? – there in the fibrous vegetables & fruits.

I only eat more carbs if I do intense training or…

when goofing around and eating a “small amount” of reward foods with my little princess.

What works for me might or might not work for everyone.

Each of us has a different genetic make-up and hence, tolerance to different types of foods and activities.

If “even only staring at cookies already makes you fat,” then we are on the same bandwagon.

If you think you can relate, then this approach MIGHT work for you too.

80% – stick to whole/natural foods

20% – have a break, BUT NOT TOO MUCH!

Exercise is just the ICING ON TOP. Healthy diet is the entire CAKE.

However, if you think you are gaining weight with this rule or some of your metabolic parameters like blood pressure or blood sugar are getting worse, you should adjust accordingly. 

Maybe you need to stricter and stay away from the junk. 

If not then in the meantime, go ahead...

Take a bite!

About the Author Alex Saroca MD

Alex Saroca is the founder of Tabachoy Academy. He is a general physician by profession, an author, a blogger, and an entrepreneur. He is on a mission to educate and make Filipinos realize - especially those with overweight, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes - that lifestyle modification is still more powerful than any drug in preventing heart disease, treating heart disease, and improving one's physical state and longevity.

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