You Cannot Out-Train A Bad Diet. Zumba Pa More!

Often times when it comes to the topic of weight loss, people are still more interested in checking out the latest “fat burning workouts” out there than searching for diets that aid fat loss.

While some buy into the concept of “miracle workouts” like 300 Spartan workout or Six Pack workout, others still go for the five times a week 30-minute jogging or moderate exercise approach.

Some will even go for that “once a week” Zumba.

It is true enough that any of the above I mentioned can help you on your path to a more healthier you as regular physical activity reduces the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes type 2, and cancer.

However, take note that physical activity alone DOES NOT promote weight loss.


And being overweight or obese is yet a stand-alone significant risk factor for acquiring heart disease and diabetes.

I have been saying this to my overweight/obese friends for years, “YOU CANNOT OUTRUN / OUT-TRAIN A BAD DIET.”

And yet, here they are, still struggling to shed off excess fat, up to until this day after having “mastered” the art of working out 7 days a week.

For the past 3 decades, OBESITY has sky-rocketed even though that there has been so much promotion by health authorities to engage in various physical activity programs.

Nowadays, you can find gyms everywhere. People run at marathons. Most women are into Zumba and Yoga. And there are so much more…

Members of the public are still bombed with the concept of maintaining a “healthy weight” through counting calories and most still wrongly believe that obesity is ENTIRELY DUE to lack of exercise.

Exercise feels good and takes very little time. Moreover, it better accommodates social interaction.

Whether it’s going for a jog in the park, or playing basketball, it is usually pretty much trouble-free to ask somebody to join you for exercise.

Immediate and enjoyable physiological responses to exercise such as increased heart rate, endorphin release, and body temperature commonly give the false impression that we are “burning fat” when we are just probably actually burning glucose or glycogen.

And what is the immediate response that most of us take after an enjoyable and intensive workout session?

Eating a mountain-pile, carbohydrate-loaded plate and gulping endless bottles of “energy drinks” that are laden with too much SUGAR!

There goes all your effort right into the garbage bin and congratulations for storing more FAT after your intense workout.

Take note of this: Even if you exercise an hour per day, that would only be about 5% of your entire day. There is still about 50%-67% of your waking hours (depending on how many hours you are awake each day) that requires constant vigilance and awareness in watching your diet.

I believe that daily exercise of some kind is crucial and you should do it for the benefit of improving your strength, bone density, and your overall cardiovascular health.


So when it comes to getting rid of that excess fat around your hips or waistline, forget about finding the perfect “fat burning workout”.

And while carbohydrate loading is helpful at some point, keep in mind that the body only has a limited capacity to store carbohydrate and most of the excess are immediately converted into FAT.

Get your diet back on track and try building the habits to keep it there.

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About the Author Alex Saroca MD

Alex Saroca is the founder of Tabachoy Academy. He is a general physician by profession, an author, a blogger, and an entrepreneur. He is on a mission to educate and make Filipinos realize - especially those with overweight, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes - that lifestyle modification is still more powerful than any drug in preventing heart disease, treating heart disease, and improving one's physical state and longevity.

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