Delicious Way to Lower Blood Pressure

Since the beginning of recorded history and for thousands of years, GARLIC served countless purpose and medicinal applications.

From Egypt, Greece, Rome, India, and China, it was found in ancient medical texts that GARLIC was prescribed for a variety of medical conditions.

In fact, even recent studies like this, this, and this show that garlic STILL has a place in the modern world.

It showcases a wide array of benefits such as enhancing function of our immune system to fight common colds and flu, lowering cholesterol, and one of its most infamous benefit, lowering HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE.

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3 Risky Food Ingredients You Might Be Eating Regularly

We all want to be healthy. Like most things worth having, GOOD HEALTH requires some effort. That effort best begins with SELF-EDUCATION.

Living a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE starts with what you EAT.

After all, as most would say, “we are what we eat.”

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Very Low Calorie SUPER Champorado

Is this for real?

Well, my version is not actually the same champorado that is made up of chocolate, sugars, and glutinous rice.

While a typical serving of the REAL chocolate rice porridge offers more sugar and calories, mine contains way LESS or NO sugar and almost NO calories at all!

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What Is The 80/20 Rule?

In every aspect of life, it is always almost impossible to achieve a strict 100% implementation.

Either you are up to achieving something about financial goals or just simply trying to amend your ways of living, there will always be lags or obstacles along the way.

Many friends are asking me how stringent I am when it comes to controlling my diet.

Well, given that I have a strong family history of almost every degenerative disease that you can imagine (heart disease, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, cancer etc.), one might think that I MUST BE 100% strict or all-or-none with my eating and exercise habits.

Admittingly, while attaining close to perfection results are possible, it can be most of the time too stressful.

It really takes a CHAMP to achieve 100/100 and I am not even close...

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What Your Basic Blood Chemistry Is Telling You

Your doctor writes several items on the prescription pad.

It looks like that a number of blood chemistry parameter is requested for you to undergo in the laboratory.

You are wondering what are these tests for?​

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What You Think About CHOLESTEROL Might Be Wrong…

“Wag yan… Makolesterol yan…” (Not that one… It is rich in cholesterol…)

Most health authorities still point their fingers on cholesterol as the nemesis.

For the past five decades, cholesterol was under the spot light and was blamed for the causality of cardiovascular disease.

But not until recently, advances in science discovered that INFLAMMATION is the major cause of heart disease, not cholesterol.

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You Cannot Out-Train A Bad Diet. Zumba Pa More!

Often times when it comes to the topic of weight loss, people are still more interested in checking out the latest “fat burning workouts” out there than searching for diets that aid fat loss.

While some buy into the concept of “miracle workouts” like 300 Spartan workout or Six Pack workout, others still go for the five times a week 30-minute jogging or moderate exercise approach.

Some will even go for that “once a week” Zumba.

It is true enough that any of the above I mentioned can help you on your path to a more healthier you as regular physical activity reduces the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes type 2, and cancer.

However, take note that physical activity alone DOES NOT promote weight loss.

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