Many Filipinos Are Not Aware That They Have This..

Most of us Filipinos are aware that obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes are pretty much separate entities that are closely linked to one another.

But do you know that there is actually a syndrome that encompasses them all as a single entity?


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How Bad Is Diabetes Hurting The Filipinos?

The figures are alarming. If diabetes is not addressed with urgency, many Filipinos will continue suffer incessantly.

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How To Keep Diabetes At Bay Without Using Drugs

Upon first being diagnosed with diabetes, many patients ask “Can anything else aside from medication put diabetes at bay?

Most doctors will agree that...

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How To Control Your Blood Sugar (The Importance of Glycemic Index & Glycemic Load)

Diabetics are often warned to LIMIT their carbohydrate intake because it takes such a long time for most carbohydrates to get absorbed and utilized by the body – the result, toxic amounts of glucose FLOOD the blood stream.

However, this advice is easier said than done and it is difficult, if not impossible, for many diabetics to eliminate carbohydrates from their diet.

This is one of the reasons many diabetics are non-compliant in their treatment.

Because diabetes does not often cause serious complications at onset, many patients refuse to take their medicine and worse, continue eating foods that are high in carbohydrates, specifically, sugar and starch.

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Top 5 Foods That Hypertensive and Diabetic Pinoys Should Avoid

Filipinos love eating.

It is part of our culture.

Mas masarap nga kumain lalu na pag kasama ang pamilya o mga kaibigan.

However, the fact will always hold true – MORE THAN 21% OF ADULTS in the Philippines have HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE and MORE THAN 5% are suffering from DIABETES TYPE 2.

And this definitely has something to do with the food that we eat.

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Why More Pinoys Are Getting Fat

You have probably come across the information that as of 2015, increasing number of Pinoys who are getting fatter continue to rise.

According to Maria Bernardita Flores, National Nutritional Council (NNC) executive director, THREE out of TEN Filipinos are now OBESE.

This epidemic has been slowly creeping over the past two decades and I wouldn’t be surprised why more and more of our countrymen are developing HYPERTENSION & DIABETES, both of which are highly connected to OBESITY.

Even pre-schoolers are starting to become overweight and obese!

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End Of The Road At Age 39…


It works like a TRAITOR – insidiously wraps its arms around you and blows you suddenly.

More often than not, big time - STROKE.

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