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How Familiar Are You With Your Blood Pressure Pill?

How familiar are you with your blood pressure medication?

Maybe you are already experiencing some of the adverse effects yet you are still unaware that it is because of the drug.

If ever you are taking maintenance medication for high blood pressure, it is important to ask your doctor a number of questions before swallowing that pill.

Questions such as...

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Fast Food and Fast Routes to Obesity, Hypertension, and Diabetes

Only a few wants to take the road less traveled.

Hundreds of millions of people now work in a box, live in a box, watch in a box, and even eat from a box.

It is time to think outside the box!

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At Least ONE Filipino Suffers from STROKE every 9 Minutes!

Correct. You read it right.

According to the Department of Health, in a study conducted from 1992 to 2008, at least one poor Pinoy suffers from stroke every nine minutes.

In addition to the statement above from the DOH, they also revealed that over 276 Filipinos die of heart disease every day.

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