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How To Eat Healthy Even When You Travel A Lot

Are you always on the go?

Not much time to choose healthy foods while on the road?

Limited healthy options in the airplane?

I hear you. Read on...

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What Diet Is HEALTHY For You? (Infographic)

There are many diets recommended today for either health or weight loss, or both.

This INFOGRAPHIC guide has been produced to show you some of the different types of diets available.

By comparing the focus of each and their various inclusions and exclusions you will be better able to determine what type of diet may best suit you and your lifestyle.

REMEMBER: The different types of diet below are just templates where you can build upon your OWN depending on your needs and your condition.

But in fairness, all the plans below works WELL with Obesity, Hypertension, and Diabetes actually!

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The Diet – Cancer Link

Not too long ago, within living memory of those now consider aged, cancer did occur, but at nowhere near the rate seen today.

The last few generations have seen such an explosion in diagnoses of cancer that people describe it as a cancer epidemic, even though cancer is not contagious...

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Why Do Overweight Mothers & Underweight Children Co-Exist in the Same Household?

The alarming sight of overweight and underweight found in the SAME household has become increasingly common especially to developing countries.

In the Philippines, according to the latest available statistics provided by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (DOST), there was an increase in the trend of OVERWEIGHT and OBESITY from 16.6% in 1993 to 29.9% in 2013.

Three (3) in every 10 adults are OVERWEIGHT and OBESE and more female adults are overweight and obese.

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The Future Is In Our Children’s Health

All over the world today, many children are missing out on a healthy diet.

Unfortunately, there are some children whose families are unable to provide healthy foods.

In too many instances, however, there are MANY other families who don’t realize that the foods they are providing to their kids are unhealthy...

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3 Risky Food Ingredients You Might Be Eating Regularly

We all want to be healthy. Like most things worth having, GOOD HEALTH requires some effort. That effort best begins with SELF-EDUCATION.

Living a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE starts with what you EAT.

After all, as most would say, “we are what we eat.”

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Very Low Calorie SUPER Champorado

Is this for real?

Well, my version is not actually the same champorado that is made up of chocolate, sugars, and glutinous rice.

While a typical serving of the REAL chocolate rice porridge offers more sugar and calories, mine contains way LESS or NO sugar and almost NO calories at all!

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