How To Eat Healthy Even When You Travel A Lot

Are you always on the go?

Not much time to choose healthy foods while on the road?

Limited healthy options in the airplane?

I hear you. Read on...


Working abroad and traveling every 2 weeks for more than 6 years now have also always challenged my determination to eat healthy when dining in transit.

The temptation would eventually start soon as I hit the road, continue while I’m in transit at different airports and hotels, and end only when I finally arrive at the workplace.

It would have been easier for me to just eat anything I want and make an excuse that it would only happen when I travel anyway, however, that is not simply the case.

You know, the choice of being healthy has not to be looked at only as a mere few months of self-disciplining act, but rather, as a LIFETIME COMMITMENT that should be taken sincerely.

Here are some of the things that I do to keep myself healthy even when I am busy traveling. You can do these too!

1.) Bring along healthy snacks with you. Always make sure that you carry a small container full of healthy nuts or low calorie/carbohydrate dried fruits with you every time you travel. They will serve as your security blanket when worse comes to worst and you have no other better options.

2. ) Plan ahead. If you know where you are going, take note of all the possible transit areas and check ahead online what suitable restaurants or fast food chains might be good for you.

3.) When dining, go natural or organic. Avoid processed foods as much as possible because they are not good for your general health, particularly your blood pressure. If you look at the picture in this post for example, I had sashimi set coupled with ice cold decaf coffee sweetened with stevia for lunch. Yummy!

4.) Ask for a healthier food option when in the airplane. If not available, eat only what you deem is healthy for you and just avoid the rest. I know that it is enticing when sweet desserts are already shouting right in front of you. Nonetheless, be always on-guard. You know better why you are trying to avoid such foods and what favour you are actually doing yourself by not eating them.

5.) Get a good sleep. When traveling for long periods, a good sleep can shut off your hunger hormone that will probably save you from craving for high calorie foods.

6.) Avoid the lift and walk if you can. If you are not in a hurry catching the next flight, might as well give yourself the benefit of exercising while touring around. While you are going to burn more calories when you walk, you are also dropping that blood pressure down by pumping those leg muscles.

7.) Drink plenty of water, at least 2 liters a day. Although dehydration generally causes lower blood pressure, the opposite also holds true. It can cause increase in blood pressure by making your body hold onto more sodium.

Remember, you can always eat healthy and stay active no matter how long and what type of trip you are taking. At the end of the day, the choice to be healthy is always in your hands.

About the Author Alex Saroca MD

Alex Saroca is the founder of Tabachoy Academy. He is a general physician by profession, an author, a blogger, and an entrepreneur. He is on a mission to educate and make Filipinos realize - especially those with overweight, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes - that lifestyle modification is still more powerful than any drug in preventing heart disease, treating heart disease, and improving one's physical state and longevity.

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