21% Of Filipinos Are Suffering From High Blood Pressure

Learn How Not To Be One Of Them!

Do You Want Freedom From High Blood Pressure?

The freedom of not having to worry about SPENDING considerable amounts of money BUYING MAINTENANCE DRUGS.

Or not worrying that you may suffer a HEART ATTACK or STROKE and leave your spouse and kids.

Or not struggling daily because your blood pressure FLUCTUATES like the waves in the sea.

Do You Want Freedom From Taking Your Blood Pressure Pills?

Do you feel left out and UNABLE to join the fun with your friends because of your condition?

Does your blood pressure AFFECT your JOB PERFORMANCE?

Do you FEEL OBLIGED to take blood pressure tablets every day?

Do you consider WITHDRAWING from taking your blood pressure pills?

More Than 276 Filipinos Die Of Heart Disease On A Daily Basis And At Least One Filipino Suffers From Stroke Every 9 MinutesD.O.H.

If you want to be HEALTHY once again and be free of HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE then you need to PAY ATTENTION for just 5 minutes because this is the MOST IMPORTANT message you will ever read!

No, this is NOT a JOKE... I am not here to SPAM you.

My Patients And I Did It; Now, It’s Your Turn…

I Was Obese And Had High Blood Pressure 

Not too long ago, I used to be FAT.

Ok… Very FAT.

Although while I was active when I was younger, I never paid attention to what I eat and having to deal with awful health problem such as high blood pressure never really occurred to me.

However, when I grew up and went to medical school, everything changed.

Due to tight schedule, I was in a lot of stress. There was no more time for play.

My diet got way out of track and I became a religious consumer of processed foods and countless fast food chain products.

It took me only LESS THAN 2 YEARS and I was finally OBESE.

Smoking became a habit as it kept me awake at night when studying lengthy books.

Drinking liquor too was another - a form of socializing and “loosening up” during free time.

By the time I graduated, I smoke, I drink, and I was VERY FAT.

I continued with my RECKLESS LIFESTYLE until one day when I was about to go to work…




I immediately took the blood pressure machine and measured myself to check what’s going on...

I almost dropped off my seat!


Anxiety flooded my mind...

“What if I develop heart attack?”

“What quality of life will I have if I suffer from high blood pressure for the rest of my life?”

“What if I suddenly have stroke? Or kidney problem?”

“My poor family!”

Out of urgency, I started myself on BLOOD PRESSURE MEDICATION and in a week’s time, it went back to normal as symptoms slowly subsided.

Although I RELIGIOUSLY took the pills every single day, there were still days loaded with annoying high blood pressure spikes and unexpected relapses.

In just a year of taking medications, I had it.


“I thought I can do better and I didn’t want to depend on drugs for the rest of my life anymore.”

The drugs can help me get through my high blood pressure problem every day but...


So what did I do?

I researched profoundly. Self-experimented.


Learned the HARD WAY.

I also realized that the solutions were just right in front of me even before I started looking for them!

Had I known earlier, I would have not relied on taking blood pressure drugs.

Now, 13 years have passed since my last hypertensive attack, and NEVER again!

I enjoy my usual reading of 120/80 or lower.

I don’t need to STAND LONG CUES AT THE PHARMACY anymore to buy drugs.

HAVING NORMAL BLOOD PRESSURE kept me from expending significant amount money and saved me from ANNOYING SIDE EFFECTS TOO!

Now here is the catch...  YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

The THREE Important Truths that you need to know about lowering your blood pressure

TRUTH  # 1

Having high blood pressure or cardiovascular heart disease is NOT a one-way street.

Your body is a complex machine and has wonderful capabilities. Aside from being adaptive, it is also flexible and able to self-heal given the optimal condition for recovery.  I can help you LOWER your BLOOD PRESSURE NUMBERS and improve your over-all health by teaching you the same methods I used.

TRUTH  # 2

Healing takes time. There are no shortcuts.

This is not just about another MAGIC PILL or "CRAZY" exercise program that you have to take. It took years and even decades of unhealthy lifestyle beatings before your body finally gave up and manifested its problem. Give it time and be patient. With the right TRICKS that you are about to learn, you'll be surprised how amazing your body can heal itself.

TRUTH  # 3

Treatment does not always have to be synthetic and artificial.

Everything that you will be presented here are NATURAL (aside from a few optional supplements) and will actually SAVE YOU THOUSANDS OF PESOS in the long run from buying monthly supplies of medications.

It will save you TIME from your regular check with your doctor too.

“Alex, why are you revealing your SECRETS that might take away profit from huge pharmaceuticals?”

I have been obese and had high blood pressure in the past.

I know how it feels like to wake up in the morning with dizziness or pounding headache.

I know what it’s like to worry of not being able to go to work if sudden attacks of high blood pressure arise.

I know what it's like to struggle against sudden fluctuations in blood pressure.

I know what it's like to cue at pharmacies waiting for my turn to get my blood pressure medication.

I know what it's like to feel helpless and obliged taking daily maintenance medications.

I know what it’s like to be sick or have sick relatives, neighbors, or even know patients who have no money to pay for the hospital bills. I know that many of you out there have had some of these experiences.

We all know that money is not the most important thing in this world - your HEALTH probably is.

It is not enough that we only have money, food, shelter and clothing. We also need our HEALTH to make our lives and the people around us secured and happy.

Why am I telling you these?

Because I know that you can relate to my experiences and I want to sincerely help you get back that better health you DESERVE.

Just imagine this for 1 minute...

It is early in the morning and you EAGERLY JUMPED OFF your bed. Went straight to the pantry and prepare your hot chocolate for the day;

Or you ENERGETICALLY RUSHED outside to have that MORNING JOG with your dog or your friends;

Or you just SMOOTHLY go to the shower, get dressed up for work, and hit the road.

You are cool, calm, relaxed, and FULL OF VIBRANT ENERGY.

NO morning pills to take.

NO DIZZINESS from suddenly rising out of bed.

NO COUGHING or LIGHTHEADEDNESS as a side effect of your blood pressure pill.

NO boring FOLLOW UP schedules with your doctor to worry about.

HOW WOULD YOU FEEL if you know that you are finally FREE OF HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE? – This time without taking any drugs.

For sure, you will FEEL AWESOME!

But here’s the truth...

If you are not going to commit yourself to better changes in your life, then this program is not for you.

You might just as well continue saving a portion of your salary so you can have enough to support your daily medication supply and your regular follow up check with your doctor.


All you need is to TAKE ACTION

This is an OPPORTUNITY that you don’t want to miss.

Who can benefit from Hypertension Backwards: The Drug-Less Prescription Book?

This book is for you if...

You are suffering from HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE.

You are struggling every single day because your blood pressure BEHAVES like a roller coaster.

Your blood pressure AFFECTS your daily WORK PERFORMANCE.

You just FEEL OBLIGED to take blood pressure tablets every day.

You’re SPENDING considerable amount of money BUYING DRUGS.

You’re NOT FIT enough to have fun with your friends because of your high blood pressure.

You are considering of WITHDRAWING from taking drugs.

You want to be HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE-FREE and be HEALTHY once again.

The revelations in the e-book were CUSTOM-TAILORED for you, especially, if you do not know where to start and don’t know what to do.

This is your TIME MACHINE that will bring your numbers back to normal and FREE you from your blood pressure problems once and for all!

Here's What Else You Will Get!

That's A Total Of ₱1,687 Worth Of Bonuses Yours FREE Only Today!

How committed are you to changing your life?

How badly do you really want to be FREE of your high blood pressure? How much do you really want NOT TO HAVE complications in the future?

If you can honestly say, “I am very much committed and I want this year to be the year I become hypertension free!” then I urge you to TAKE ACTION NOW and click the BUY NOW button to grab your Hypertension Backwards book PLUS five (5) wonderful bonuses today!

How much does the Hypertension Backwards: Drug-Less Prescription book cost?

If you’ll buy a MONTH-WORTH of quality blood pressure pills, it will cost you around 1,500 ($30), that is – if you are only taking one type of medication!

If you are taking two or three, then perhaps, you might be spending MORE.

Plus, if you include your doctor’s consultation fee, that will be an additional 500 ($10) for every visit.

That’s an easy 2,000 ($40) PER MONTH and it is equivalent to 24,000 ($480) EVERY YEAR just to keep your blood pressure down!

With “The Drug-Less Prescription” e-book, you will SEE FOR YOURSELF & LEARN how to be free from the dreadful effects of high blood pressure WITHOUT SPENDING THAT MUCH AT ALL!

TAKE ACTION NOW before this offer increases in price! Click the BUY NOW button to grab your copy of the Hypertension Backwards: The Drug-Less Prescription and FOLLOW the program.

How much will this blood pressure prescription e-book REALLY cost you?

You are NOT going pay EVEN HALF the amount you spend yearly for your medication – 12,000 ($240).

Special Offer Price: ₱1,687 ₱497 only!

This is NOT a typo error.

Because I REALLY WANTED TO HELP YOU, I put up an amount that I think is just enough to support the maintenance cost of this website.

Only ₱497 ($10) in exchange for the LIFETIME USE of VALUABLE INFORMATION provided in the e-book against with spending more than 24,000 ($480) each year!

And I guarantee you, for sure, there are NO SIDE EFFECTS!

As you can see, this is only a VERY SMALL-COST INVESTMENT FOR YOUR HEALTH if compared with the money that you’ll potentially waste buying more medications, or worse, when you get hospitalized.

I hope you understand the VALUE of the offer.

I’m providing you not just a simple e-book but a SOLUTION TO CHANGE YOUR HEALTH SITUATION FOR THE LONG HAUL – so that you can ENJOY A HEALTHIER LIFE that you’ve always wanted.


With just ₱497($10), you will MASTER the METHODS that will FINALLY make you QUIT from being drug-dependent and not worried going to the clinic again.

You and your loved ones deserve a better QUALITY life…

Here Are Your Bonuses!

Recognize the Warning Signs & Symptoms of Heart Attack & Stroke

Supplements For Healthy Heart & Blood Pressure

Healthy Eating - Making Mindful Choices

Diet And Exercise - For Health & Wellness

Healthy Diet Infographic Set


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Get your copy of the Hypertension Backwards: The Drug-Less Prescription + BONUSES today!

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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I will give you my special 30-Day Money Back Guarantee if you think this doesn’t work for you provided you can show me that you have followed and applied each of the step in the Hypertension Backwards: The Drug-Less Prescription. That’s how confident I am that this will work for anyone. Sounds fair?

Our Most Recent Clients

See What Other People Have To Say...

"Dr. Alex has practical wisdom that can save your life. Read his words. Heal your body."

--Bo Sanchez, bestselling author

"Hypertension Backwards - The Drug-Less Prescription is a book full of priceless, well-researched information. Everything one needs to know to get started on the road of beating this dreaded disease have been masterfully outlined by Dr. Saroca. This book makes it easy for hypertensives to change their diet and lead a healthier lifestyle minus the monthly trip to the pharmacy.

Everyone who wants to be healthier, not just diagnosed hypertensives, should have their own personal copy."

--Dr. Aileen Siscar, cruise ship physician

"In less than just a month, I lost 13 pounds. My overall health & blood parameters also improved!

I've learned from Dr. Alex the absolute importance of nutrition, physical activity, & stress reduction in reclaiming my health. Now I know that i am on the right path. Thank you."

--Dong, Lao People's Democratic Republic

"I am off one blood pressure tablet and lost a modest 14 pounds. Thank you!"

--Anonymous patient

Get your copy of the Hypertension Backwards: The Drug-Less Prescription + BONUSES today!

Just CLICK the BUY NOW button below to get your copy and start learning right away!

Special Offer Price: ₱1,687

₱497 only!

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I will give you my special 30-Day Money Back Guarantee if you think this doesn’t work for you provided you can show me that you have followed and applied each of the step in the Hypertension Backwards: The Drug-Less Prescription. That’s how confident I am that this will work for anyone. Sounds fair?

“Nourish yourself with the right health tools & opportunity so that your body may be able to heal itself naturally…

And in time, IT WILL.”

Alex Saroca, MD

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